Bach Flower remedies

Bach Flowers are floral remedies that work in our bodies at a vibrational level. Keeping in mind that we are made of energy, what Bach Flowers do as they enter our bodies is raise our vibration so that energetic and emotional blockages are cleared and, as a result, we increase our awareness of what is happening to us.

There are currently 38 Bach Flower remedies and a “Rescue Remedy” that is a combination of 5 different flowers. Each floral remedy has an effect on a specific emotional/ vibrational state. The difficulty of Bach Flowers rests in knowing how to choose the remedy each person needs at the time of consultation. Often, it is not easy for us to know what we really feel. For instance, perhaps we may sense that we are angry, but we cry out of sadness because we do not allow ourselves to express anger, since it is not socially accepted. Or perhaps we yell in anger when, in reality, we have a terrifying fear that embarrasses us. It is not always easy to know what we really feel. On many occasions, we are conditioned by our cultures, by the society that surrounds us, and by the experiences we have lived during our lives (especially during childhood). All of these have conditioned our character, our way of seeing the world and of seeing ourselves, distancing us from our purest and most authentic essence, and distancing us from who we really are, from what we really feel, long for, and desire. So, how do I know how to choose among 38 remedies if I am not even sure of what I feel?!

It is for this reason that I use Integrative Holistic Kinesiology to deliver Bach Flower treatments. I apply this simple, fast, and 100% reliable method to distance myself from the mental discourse of “I think I feel this, but I’m not sure”, which can lead to confusion. With Integrative Holistic Kinesiology, it is your body that tells me which floral remedy you need now, and the body—unlike the mind—never lies.

I use Bach Flower remedies to help you become aware of your deepest and most essential emotional states, as well as accepting them and integrating them into your daily life. Both processes are very important. First, we must become aware of what we are feeling, which situations cause us to experience these emotions, and why and for what purpose we feel them. Once we are aware, we observe the emotion in our bodies and, with the help of specific floral remedies, we facilitate the process of acceptance and emotional integration much more quickly and easily. Even though floral therapies may be considered a treatment in themselves, I usually integrate Bach Flowers into Integrative Holistic Kinesiology sessions, in combination with other techniques, in order to see deeper and more transformative results.

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