Integrative Therapy – Holistic Kinesiology

What is Holistic Kinesiology?

Holistic Kinesiology  is a discipline that evaluates the responses of muscle groups to detect imbalances in the body and to prevent or correct disorders, using the most appropriate treatment for each person.

Within my Holistic Kinesiology protocol, I make a global assessment of the patient using the AR (arm reflex) test, and based on this initial assessment, I look for the techniques that best suit each person.

Within a Kinesiology session I integrate various techniques such as massage, foot reflexology, Bach Flower remedies, Usui Reiki, conscious breathing exercises, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Gestalt techniques, etc., whatever the person’s body needs in that session. It is precisely the patient’s body that sets the pace of our work, the intensity of the session, and the most appropriate techniques, and that is why the patient’s evolution is usually quick and there may be visible changes in very few sessions.
The objective of Holistic Kinesiology is to restore balance in all of the body’s functions in order to achieve:

  • At the physical/ biochemical level: To find your ideal diet to improve your digestion and energy levels (Eating for health); To reduce physical muscular-joint tension in order to gain mobility and flexibility; To optimize the level of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and essential fatty acids in your body in order to improve digestion and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation; To contribute to balancing the endocrine (hormonal) system; In short, to balance the body’s functions in order to improve general well-being.
  • At the mental/ emotional level: To relax the mind through the integration of both brain hemispheres, breathing, and realizing what is happening in the “here and now”; To integrate supressed emotions that hinder our relationships with others and ourselves (suppressed anger, sadness or depressive tendencies, stress, irritability, fear), using various techniques such as Gestalt therapy, Bach Flower remedies, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
  • At the energetic level: To make energy flow smoothly throughout the whole body and to release areas with a deficit or excess of energy. Some of the techniques I use for working at the energetic level are Usui Reiki, chromotherapy, auriculotherapy, magnetic field therapy, or acupuncture.

How can Holistic Kinesiology help you?

    Since kinesiology is a holistic discipline whose objective is to balance all of the body’s functions, it can help you to improve any symptoms you may have, whether physical (muscular or joint pains), emotional (irritability, sadness, emotional instability), or energetic (tiredness, fatigue, energetic blockages), among others.

    Duration and prices

    First session: 90 minutes – 85€
    Following sessions: 60-75 minutes – 70€

    Pack of first session + 3 sessions: 275€
    Pack of 4 sessions: 260€

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