E.F.T. – Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

The E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, is a very simple technique that helps us, as its name suggests, to release emotional tensions that can manifest as physical pain, irritability, sadness, tiredness, phobias, and more.

The E.F.T. consists of tapping on certain points of the body while repeatedly saying what we want to release. The points we use are the beginning and the end of the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and with tapping we can achieve the regulation and balance of the flow of energy that circulates throughout our body, producing a state of peace and relaxation in just a few minutes.

Repeating what we want to achieve out loud helps us to work at a deeper, subconscious level and to focus all our attention on something specific in order to be able to accept it and integrate it rapidly.

The technique itself is very simple and highly effective (very significant changes can be seen in just one session). However, what is not always so simple is to discover what our true objective is, to get to the root (or get as close as possible to the root) of the problem, so that change is possible. If we start with superficial or vaguely defined objectives, we will need many more sessions to see results. Therefore, I combine this powerful tool for emotional release with other techniques such as Integrative Holistic Kinesiology and/or coaching techniques to help you identify your goals clearly and precisely, and thus be able to focus all of your intention and energy on what you truly want, in order to see the expected results in the shortest possible time.

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